My stuff and your stuff: I write books, produce music, rant a bit, and in the meantime review things other people have done. With words.

I make music on an iPad. The iOS platform is, for me at least, the single best thing to happen in music production in my lifetime, and it just keeps getting better.


This is where you'll find my app reviews – and you can hear loads of iPad music magic under the Music tab. Alternatively, for an archive of previous app reviews click the mag cover.


I'm a writer, not a video blogger, so if you want to see videos of these things in action, go see thesoundtestroom. The internet's nicest bloke, Doug Woods set it up to help people like me discover and learn. Saved me a lot of money and introduced me to all sorts of things I'd never have known about otherwise. The STR team has grown now and although it's by no means not the only site out there, to my mind it's the best. So check it out!

More app reviews to come very soon!


Being a positive sort of fellow, I tend to only review things I like. If you'd rather read something ranty, head to the Blog.

Funk Drummer. I love this app. It's amazing. Click the icon to find out why...

AUM – possibly the best thing since sliced bread.

DrumPerfect Pro – yes, pro and perfect. And drums.