My stuff and your stuff: I write books, produce music, rant a bit, and in the meantime review things other people have done. With words.

In 2011 or thereabouts I woke from a pretty terrifying nightmare. Then I started writing this book. Originally called 'Tower', in the dream I'd been stuck at the base of a tall tower with a steep grassy incline leading up to it. There was no way up, seemingly, and no entrance to the tower, but in a window right at the top this ghastly figure grinned down at me with bared teeth. That dream experience makes it into 'House of Pigs', with the idea of the tower tranposed into some other realms.


It's a story of one man's journey through his own horrific realisation of who he is and why he exists. Love, loss, false memories and peeling back the veneer of society are all themes I enjoy thinking about, and so 'HoP' is full of allegory on one level but, I think, on a more commercially marketable level it's a ripping yarn, a horror-thriller that reviewers seemed to like very much!


Soon after the book's launch in May 2013 I decided to compose a soundtrack for it, which is available free – click on the cover to be taken to the download page. Of course you're quite welcome to make a donation. Money doesn't come thick and fast in this game.


For reviews, snippets from the original soundtrack and more, click the book cover. Now!

And so to novel #2 – 'The ordinary'. Yes, that's a lower case 'o'. The ordinary, in this story at least, are beings born of the evil of humanity, feeding from the fear in the world, spread like a virus by rampant global media. The ordinary are part of the fabric of the controllers, those who dictate how we should live, what we should be scared of, and the mainstream news reporting that adds theatre and drama to cold, hard facts to make us think about them in a certain way.


We're told how to think, what we should eat and drink, and how to feel about everything. Those things we are deliberately exposed to every day by people who effectively make our decisions for us.


This, and 'House of Pigs', have both been extremely favourably reviewed. They're dark, dreamy, desperate at times, but they're also rooted in reality, exposing the horrors in the world against a supernatural backdrop.

Some people find it odd that I don't read books. I simply don't have the inclination. Although I write them, obviously, I find in reading other people's books I can't make the leap from words to images.


My preferred methods of escapism dwell in visual and aural media. Nevertheless, when my good friend Derek E. Pearson started writing novels, I volunteered for the task of editing them, and others have followed since.

That's him right there, nestling under a hedge or something. He's a sick little puppy really. Mind-bent. Twistier than spiders playing Twister.

Those lovely book covers above are scant warning of what lies within – epic, brutal, incredibly imaginative and quite brilliant sci-fi written by one of the sharpest minds I have ever encountered. Yes, he's my mate, but he's also exceptional. You want a good series to get stuck into, Pearson's your man...

Then there's this guy: George. He's my publisher. I love him dearly. A charming, delicious man of great intellect and generosity.

He writes books too. Deepstorm OutTack is an intelligent look at the fall of the planet and just what might happen when that happens.

Black Gold Black Scorpion is an account of George's experiences in Africa during the Biafran war. Truly fascinating.