My stuff and your stuff: I write books, produce music, rant a bit, and in the meantime review things other people have done. With words.

In 2014, I produced (on behalf of a very nice lady – Chantelle Roberto) this here magazine, full of reviews of music apps and films and TV shows and world music alongside some insightful pieces on musical instruments, interviews, and more. It was a rather wonderful way to spend my free time. is effectively an extension of this. In any case, you can download (for free) all the back issues right here. How nice for you.

... and that's the end of that (albeit short) era. But now... heavens, good golly gosh, now on you'll find all sorts of reviews, from games to music, people to pets, humans, demons – essentially anything in the world I have an opinion on. Yes, that is terribly arrogant. Did I mention I write books? Well, there's music too. And poems. And rants. And perhaps some other stuff I couldn't remember while typing this.