My stuff and your stuff: I write books, produce music, rant a bit, and in the meantime review things other people have done. With words.

Having started releasing music as sickmoth back around 2004, I stuck with that name until choosing to shelve it after about five years. Not sure why. Just fancied a change. Nowadays I use the name i have a box. On this page you'll find a selection of links (click the covers) to lots of my work – some great (I think), some not so great, and some plain bizarre.


My soundcloud page is called The Ordinary Pigs, just to confuse matters further, and therein you'll find a selection of tracks I consider among my best, plus a bunch of random birthday songs I've made for people.


The stuff below is just a small selection. There's a hefty pile of free tunes here so take it if you want it...

sticks and stoned, the first sickmoth album. Rough production in parts, but it was early days so I'm letting myself off. Was always very chuffed with pigsick. People seemed to like this stuff and some chaps reckon it's still good. Hmm.

technosonicfusion, the second sickmoth album. Production improved, possibly. This was released soon after the birth of my daughter, Maddy, and on Meconium you can hear her crying while she shits. That's meconium. The dark tarry shite.

Bunnies was the first i have a box EP, released on the excellent Fwonk*. It was mostly produced on a laptop with a tiny USB keyboard. It also features lots of live drums because, y'know, I'm a drummer. Evolved the sickmoth sound somewhat.

Raggles? Yes. I let my daughter choose the name. It was a character, I believe, in some kids' show. Clearly left a lasting impression on me. Well, this is a further evolution of the Bunnies sound. Rocktronica. Orchestroniclisms. Or something like that.

Click here to read a nice, yet odd, review of Bunnies.

Earth Songs was the first iPad attempt. Some real gems on here but also some self-indulgent twattery perhaps. Thanks to Teoo for the cover.

And so to the first soundtrack, 15 songs of generally exceptional (ahem) mood-swinging orchestronicalised brilliance. Also heralds the start of a working relationship with the superb Tony Nekrews (thinds), who mastered it all and produced track 15. Nice.

The second soundtrack, moodier but with incremental mastery of the iPad in evidence. Depending on how you look at it. Great book, great music! Also mastered by thinds. He lives in Australia and makes rather smashing music himself.

And this! One of many collabs over the years, Aural Lab has always been the fave. With Nathan Shaffer and a nice lady, Fran. I still work a bit with Nathan. He's a lovely chap and a soulful singer. There's some good music in here! We also released an album, Winter.

This rather fancy, possibly strange animation by Norwegian genius Tomputer is rather fancy and possibly strange. I wrote the story and the music, and my niece (then eight) did the vocals. Altogether now... bum disease makes me sneeze...

Click here to discover this man's moody musicness.