My stuff and your stuff: I write books, produce music, rant a bit, and in the meantime review things other people have done. With words.

Reviews, eh? One man's meat is another man's gravy. One woman's handbag is another woman's pink sock. It's tricky to know how much stock you should put in someone else's opinion. For example, my brother liked Zoolander.


Nevertheless, here I (and some guests, including the wonderful David Kimberley, who keeps a list of every movie he's ever seen) will be reviewing things. Music, films, videogames, places, people, animals, and just about anything that takes my fancy. So bookmark us and we'll be adding to this every week. Just about. How long is a week again? OK, let's say every month. Or year at least. Sometimes.


Something else: reviews of new stuff tend to come too early. How can you review something properly without spending enough time with it? Take a videogame: if you haven't finished it, explored all the features... how can you have a fully rounded opinion? Likewise you need to listen to an album at least a few times before you can really pass judgement and you can hardly give a definitive review on a TV series if you only watch the first episode. So, on that basis, you'll find reviews of old releases here too: gentle reminders that such things exist beneath the relentless avalanche of new stuff...


The Witness – PS4

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